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  28 January - 1 February, 2018 • Burlingame, California USA

Short Courses

The EI Symposium complements the technical papers and social programs with a series of two- and four-hour classes taught by experts from around the world. These courses move from introductory to advanced in content, allowing attendees the opportunity to explore new areas or gain more depth in others. 

Students who register for EI before the early registration deadline receive one complementary short course with their symposium fee.
The full roster of EI 2018 Short Courses will be confirmed later this year. In the meantime, check out course details for the classes offered in 2017, some of which are repeating this year.

Here is the preliminary EI 2018 Short Course listing!
  • 3D Imaging, Prof. Gady Agam ( Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • 3D Point Cloud Processing, Prof. Gady Agam ( Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • 3D Video Processing Techniques for Immersive Environments, Prof. Yo-Sung Ho (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Advanced Digital Image Enhancement and Deblurring, Dr. Majid Rabbani (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Build Your Own VR Display: An Introduction to VR Display Systems for Hobbyists and Educators, Robert Konrad and Hayato Ikoma (Stanford University)
  • Camera Noise and its Characterization Using International Standards, Dr. Kevin J. Matherson (Microsoft Corporation) and Uwe Artmann (Image Engineering GmbH & Co KG)
  • Color Calibration in Mobile Imaging Devices, Dr. Kevin J. Matherson (Microsoft Corporation) and Uwe Artmann (Image Engineering GmbH & Co KG)
  • Computer Vision for Autonomous Driving, Dr. Rony Ferzli (Intel Corporation)
  • Deep Learning for Image and Video Processing, Dr. Jonathon Shlens and Dr. George Toderici (Google Research)
  • Digital Camera Image Quality Tuning, Dr. Luke Cui (Amazon Incorporated)
  • Digital Imaging and Astro photography, Prof. Daniele L.R. Marini (Università degli Studi di Milano)
  • Fundamentals of Deep Learning, Prof. Ray Ptucha (Rochester Institute of Technology) and Allison Gray (NVIDIA)
  • Introduction to CMOS Image Sensors, Arnaud Darmont (APHESA SPRL)
  • Introduction to Color Imaging Systems and Algorithms, Prof. Gaurav Sharma (University of Rochester)
  • Introduction to Image Quality Testing: Targets, Software, and Standards, Dr. Peter Burns (Burns Digital Imaging) and Don Williams (Image Science Associates)
  • Introduction to Probabilistic Models for Inference and Estimation, Prof. Gaurav Sharma (University of Rochester)
  • Joint Design of Optics and Image Processing for Imaging Systems, Dr. David G. Stork (Rambus Incorporated)
  • Optics and Hardware Calibration of Compact Camera Modules, Dr. Kevin J. Matherson (Microsoft Corporation) and Uwe Artmann (Image Engineering GmbH & Co KG)
  • Optimizing Computer Vision and Neural Network Applications Using OpenVX, Radhakrishna Giduthuri (Advanced Micro Devices) and Dr. Kari Pulli (Meta Co.)
  • Perception and Cognition for Imaging, Dr. Bernice Rogowitz (Visual Perspectives)
  • Perceptual Metrics for Image and Video Quality in a Broader Context, Prof. Thrasyvoulos Pappas (Northwestern University) and Dr. Sheila Hemami (Draper)
  • Resolution in Mobile Imaging Devices: Concepts and Measurement, Dr. Kevin J. Matherson (Microsoft Corporation) and Uwe Artmann (Image Engineering GmbH & Co KG)
  • Stereoscopic Display Application Issues, Dr. Andrew Woods (Curtin University) and John Merritt (The Merritt Group)
  • Using Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences and the Arts in Artificial Intelligence Research and Design, Dr. Mónica López-González (La Petite Noiseuse Productions)
Important Dates
Call for Papers Announced 1 Mar 2017
Review Abstracts Due (refer to For Authors page)
· Regular Submission Ends 15 Aug 2017
· Late Submission Ends  31 Aug 2017
Registration Opens
2 Oct 2017
Hotel Reservation Deadline
5 Jan 2018
Early Registration Ends 8 Jan 2018
Conference Starts 28 Jan 2018