IS&T President’s Message

Please note: This text is taken from the latest Annual Report of the Society.Alan Hodgson

An IS&T President writes two Annual Reports and as this is my second, it signals the end of my term of office. It is now my honour to pass the title over to Geoff Woolfe, previously Executive Vice President. It may be considered a testament to our Society that we have two consecutive Presidents from diverse geographic locations; I am from the United Kingdom and Geoff from Australia.

And this brings me to the theme for this report. Last year I picked on collaboration, a key part of what IS&T delivers. This led me to spend most of my first report on the IS&T conference offering, where this is most apparent in both the papers published and interactions in the coffee, poster and exhibition areas. This time I want to place emphasis on the participation of our people: the membership and the community we serve.

My first point is that we are a truly international society. We should take pride in that as it is a key strength. Geoff and I come from different continents, united in a (nearly) common language but also in a wish to see the Society prosper. The other members of the Board of Directors are drawn from a variety of nations, reflecting the global nature of the community we serve. Geographic location is certainly no barrier to participation in our Society.

I write this report in a week that for me is a great illustration of the pervasive nature of imaging and the width of that community. I attended conferences on microscopy and illumination and met with a wide variety of participants from even wider backgrounds from light sources and optics through to computation. I talked with people from image capture applications as diverse as image sensors, holography and printing. The wavelength range spanned mid range IR to soft x-rays but they had this common objective—to generate images that were fit for a defined purpose. As imaging becomes embedded in more places the offerings of the Society should have even more relevance. Participation in our Society supports in an ever widening applications space.

As the applications space widens so do the disciplines involved. Through participation in the Society I have benefited from interactions with the museum/national archive, colour and electronic imaging communities. My core disciplines are colour chemistry, photography and printing and my knowledge has been enhanced by interaction with my peers in these areas. These interactions allow us to seek out new challenges and fresh opportunities with the potential to build value to the whole community, in my case in Printed Electronics. The Society is all the stronger for participation from both the academic and industrial communities across all imaging disciplines.

So as I pass on the office of President my final message is simple. Wherever we find imaging there are opportunities to participate in the Society. Seek them out for we will all be richer for this. As I transition from President I also part company with my employer, going back to my consultancy business. However, I aim to continue to participate and contribute to the mission of the Society. Let’s work together as both Society members and a community, positioning us at the centre of Imaging Science & Technology.

Respectfully submitted,
Alan Hodgson, president