Camera Image Quality Benchmarking

Course Number: SC19

Monday 27 January • 10:45 – 12:45
Course Length: 2 hours
Course Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Henrik Eliasson, Eclipse Optics

Learning Outcomes
This course will enable the attendee to:

  • Identify defects that degrade image quality in natural images and what component of the camera may be improved for better image quality.
  • Be aware of existing image quality standards and metrics.
  • Understand how to judge the overall image quality of a camera.
  • Evaluate the impact various output use cases can have on overall image quality.
  • Describe an image quality lab and measurement protocols.
  • Understand how to compare the image quality of a set of cameras.

The purpose of this short course is to show that it is possible to compare the image quality of consumer imaging systems in a perceptually relevant manner. Because image quality is multi-faceted, generating a concise and relevant evaluative summary of photographic systems can be challenging. Indeed, benchmarking the image quality of still and video imaging systems requires that the assessor understands not only the capture device itself, but also the imaging applications for the system. This course explains how objective metrics and subjective methodologies are used to benchmark image quality of photographic still image and video capture devices. The course reviews key image quality attributes and the flaws that may degrade those attributes. Content touches on various subjective evaluation methodologies as well as objective measurement methodologies relying on existing standards from sources such as ISO, IEEE/CPIQ, and ITU. The course focus is on consumer imaging systems, so the emphasis is on the value of using objective metrics that are perceptually correlated and how to generate benchmark data from the combination of objective and subjective metrics.

Intended Audience
Image scientists, engineers, or managers who wish to learn more about image quality and how to evaluate still and video cameras for various applications. A good understanding of imaging and how a camera works is assumed.

Henrik Eliasson is a camera systems specialist working at Eclipse Optics in Sweden. He has extensive experience in image quality assessment, previously working as a camera systems engineer at Sony Ericsson/Sony Mobile Communications and Axis Communications. He has previously been a key contributor in the CPIQ initiative, now run by IEEE, and a Swedish delegate to the ISO TC42 committee on photography standards. He has published work in a broad range of camera related areas, from optical simulations to camera color characterization and image sensor crosstalk investigations. Eliasson is a senior member of SPIE.

1/27/2020 10:45 AM - 1/27/2020 12:45 PM